Wrap-up & Book Haul: May 2018

May has been a slow month for me. I finished a book very slowly and I also went out a lot of days to spend time with my friends and family. Gotta keep that social life. Finished 3 ARCs, not bad. I'm catching up with my ARCs so I can finally read all the books … Continue reading Wrap-up & Book Haul: May 2018

Wrap-Up: April 2018

In April I was able to read 11 books (though 4 of them are short stories) it's been a thrilling ride last month! Did you notice? IT'S RAINING 5 STARS! I'm either an easy person to please or I just know which books suit me the best. (I pick the latter.) Here's a quick rundown … Continue reading Wrap-Up: April 2018