Cover Lust Wednesday #4

It's goldish, and that bad-ass outfit! YES! We could never have too many ass-kicking female leads! Title: Godmaker (Jeweled Goddess #1) Author: Ingrid Seymour Publisher: PenDreams Release Date: April 3, 2018 Pages: 206 Synopsis from Goodreads: Today, Bia is a Goddess, but her claim to immortality hangs in the balance. All she knows is her mountain-top citadel with its god-honed buildings and endless comforts. … Continue reading Cover Lust Wednesday #4

Book Review: A Darkness Found

Title: A Darkness Found: A Novella Author: TK White Synopsis: In the realm of Neleque, magic is not expressly forbidden, but it’s considered taboo. Grimhilde couldn’t care one way or another about her magical abilities, she just wants to marry Bastian and live happily ever after. Her mother, on the other hand, wants Grimhilde’s powers to flourish … Continue reading Book Review: A Darkness Found

Blog Tour: The First

Title: The First Author:  Dylan S. Perry Publisher: Beck Publishing Release Date: August 22, 2017 Pages: 161 Synopsis from Goodreads: Naseby, England.  Baroness De Meaux lives a comfortable life and is content with where she fits into the hierarchy of society. She was groomed for the story she’s telling but several things set her apart from everyone around her. When her mother passes away suddenly, the visions she hides from the world—the ones that show her the future—force their way to the surface. And when she’s faced with the impossible, it leaves her questioning just how far apart her two contradicting worlds really are from another. Can Margaret make peace with her past and what she assumes is her imagination? Or will she give into the myths from her childhood to shape the future? Through it all, Margaret knows one truth is universal: trust is hard-won and easily broken when you don’t know who’s on your side. *Copy taken for free from Amazon generously made available by the author.* If you like witchcraft set in the the 1600s but with time travel, then this is for you!  SPOILER FREE REVIEW Imagine … Continue reading Blog Tour: The First