Book Tour: Mercy: A Love Story

Title: Mercy: a love story (Mathew Beaumont Series Book 1) Author: Alberta J. McMorris Release Date: February 14th 2018  Pages: 365 Synopsis from Goodreads: A death in the family, a bizarre encounter with a mysterious stranger, and a terrifying nightmare. For 26-year old Emily Dobson, life just got very complicated. As a recent transplant to New York, Emily … Continue reading Book Tour: Mercy: A Love Story

Nirvana: Blurb & Cover

Title: Nirvana Author: K.E. Radke Release Date: September 30, 2016 Pages: 348 Synopsis: For centuries the world has been Mateo’s prison, holding him hostage with immortality. Danger only entices his body to shapeshift. He fearlessly walks on the thin line between life and death, challenging his abilities to keep him alive as he stalks his own … Continue reading Nirvana: Blurb & Cover