10 YA Standalones of August 2018

Cutting this post so close to August. Here are some books to look out for next month! Courting Carlyn by Melissa Chambers August 6th 2018 Vaughn Yarborough is ready to trade the fame and glory of the international junior pro tennis circuit for college and a more settled life. First stop: spearhead a summer camp for … Continue reading 10 YA Standalones of August 2018

Second Brother, Hayden [ARC Review]

Title: Hayden (Four Sons #2) Author:  J.D. Hollyfield Release Date: July 25th 2018 Pages: 120 Synopsis: Hayden I am a hothead, a wild card, and son to a murdered man. I crave the things I can’t have and don’t want the things I can. Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces—stitch our family back together with a damaged thread. … Continue reading Second Brother, Hayden [ARC Review]

Review: Hale

Title: Hale Author: K. Webster Publisher: K Webster Release Date: June 20th 2018 Pages:  Synopsis: Note this book is only available for purchase from K Webster's website. Warning: This book is an epic, emotional, raw love story… between a brother and sister. Many won’t be able to handle that. But if I don’t tell their story, who else will? … Continue reading Review: Hale

Camden by K. Webster

Title: Camden (Four Sons #4) Author: K. Webster Release Date: August 10th 2018 Pages: Synopsis:  I am intelligent, unassuming, and the son of two murdered parents. I’m calculating, damaged, and seek revenge. I’ll do whatever it takes to further my agenda, even if it means seducing my way into a bed I don’t belong. Anything to make the ones … Continue reading Camden by K. Webster