The Watcher of the Night Sky [Book Tour]

Title: The Watcher of the Night Sky (The Aronia Series Book 1) Author: Rachel Pudsey Publisher: Release Date: May 24, 2015 Pages: 352 Synopsis: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. IT MIGHT GET YOU CURSED. One wish on the stars. A group of unusual suitors. A quest to end a curse. Abigail Crumble lives a quiet life in a simple … Continue reading The Watcher of the Night Sky [Book Tour]

Creating Chaos [Book Tour]

Title: Creating Chaos Author: Lacey Dailey Publisher: Lacey Dailey Release Date: July 2nd 2018 Pages: 284 pages Synopsis: Gideon Stryker hates high school and everything that comes with it. As a dancer at a school filled with students whose favorite past time is to make his life as miserable as possible, his plan for senior year is simple: lay low, graduate, … Continue reading Creating Chaos [Book Tour]

Coin Toss [Book Tour]

Title: Coin Toss Author: Brian Amado Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Release Date: July 2nd 2018 Pages: 270 pages Synopsis: Jeremy Savage, an 8th grade quarterback phenom, has just been given the offer of a lifetime from Coach Robert Fletcher, a local icon-to come and play football for him at St. Michael's Preparatory, the best football program in the state. As … Continue reading Coin Toss [Book Tour]

Belle [Book Tour]

Title: Belle: Part 1 (Unbowed) Author: Liz Meldon Release Date: August 23rd 2018 Pages: 184 pages Synopsis: Rule #1: Never fall in love with the client. Belle I’m terrified. I’ve never done this before—two months on a private island, isolated from the rest of the world, just me and my new client. A client who wants my unwavering submission. What … Continue reading Belle [Book Tour]

Book Tour: The Heart of Aleppo

Title: The Heart of Aleppo: A Story of the Syrian Civil War Author: Ammar Habib Release Date: July 26th 2018 Pages: 252 Synopsis: After standing for over 7,000 years, Aleppo's ruin came overnight.  Separated from his family during the night the rebels attacked the city, thirteen-year-old Zaid Kadir is lost in the middle of a war zone. Alongside his friends, … Continue reading Book Tour: The Heart of Aleppo