Vas [Book Blitz]

Title: Vas (The V Games #3) Author: Ker Dukey, K. Webster Release Date: January 7th 2019 Synopsis: The Volkov name is one I longed for. Their household is one I grew up in, but not as an equal—as a maid’s son. This didn’t stop me from becoming a man to be reckoned with. But even with my rightful name … Continue reading Vas [Book Blitz]

Crazy For You [Book Review]

Title: Crazy For You (Miraculous Love, #2) Author: Meghana Sarathy Release Date: December 26th 2018 Synopsis on Goodreads: Sara: They say one's life is settled when they have a good job, take marital vows and start a family. In that sense, my life was settled except for the unease in my heart that was begging for some form … Continue reading Crazy For You [Book Review]

The Glue

Title: The Glue Author: K. Webster Release Date: September 5th 2018 Synopsis: I’m a fixer. A lover. Always searching for the right fit. And I come up empty every time. My desires are unusual. I don’t feel whole until I’m in the middle, holding it all together. Which makes having a romantic relationship really difficult. Until them. Two people. … Continue reading The Glue

Yours Truly, Cammie (Book Tour)

Title: Yours Truly, Cammie Author: S.J. Sylvis Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Release Date: July 23, 2018 Pages: 270 Synopsis: I follow one rule in life: Don’t get involved with a Marine. After this past year of heart-wrenching misery, and an entire childhood as daughter of one of the highest ranked officers in the Marine Corps, I’ve had enough of saying goodbye. I’ve had enough heartbreak to last me a lifetime. But in an attempt … Continue reading Yours Truly, Cammie (Book Tour)