Fourth Son, Camden [ARC Review]

Title: Camden (Four Sons #4) Author: K. Webster Release Date: August 10th 2018 Pages: 165 Synopsis on Goodreads: I am intelligent, unassuming, and the son of two murdered parents. I’m calculating, damaged, and seek revenge. I’ll do whatever it takes to further my agenda, even if it means seducing my way into a bed I don’t belong. Anything to make … Continue reading Fourth Son, Camden [ARC Review]


Third Son, Brock [ARC Review]

Title: Brock (Four Sons #3) Author: Dani René Publisher: Dani René Books Release Date:  August 3rd 2018 Pages: 121 Synopsis on Goodreads: I am strong, athletic, and son to a man I always wanted to be. I had made plans, thought I was on that path, and then a bullet stopped not just my father’s heart, but mine too. I’ve been … Continue reading Third Son, Brock [ARC Review]

Yours Truly, Cammie (Book Tour)

Title: Yours Truly, Cammie Author: S.J. Sylvis Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Release Date: July 23, 2018 Pages: 270 Synopsis: I follow one rule in life: Don’t get involved with a Marine. After this past year of heart-wrenching misery, and an entire childhood as daughter of one of the highest ranked officers in the Marine Corps, I’ve had enough of saying goodbye. I’ve had enough heartbreak to last me a lifetime. But in an attempt … Continue reading Yours Truly, Cammie (Book Tour)