Book Quotes T – Z


The Emperor of Evening Stars (The Bargainer #2.5)

Genre: New Adult Romance, Fantasy

  • Wrongs must be righted. A king must pay. And reals will fall for my vengeance.

“Love costs even more than power, even ore than revenge or hate.”

  • Like a bolt of lightning striking me, I feel a stirring in my chest and my wings begin to manifest.

After all this time, I might’ve finally found my mate.

  • It’s times like these that I’m not sure I know what a promise is either.

I made a mistake, a grave, terrible mistake. In that gown, Callie doesn’t look like a teenager, she looks like my queen.

  • Tonight we’re as we should be, two flames in the darkness, and all these people are the moths that bask in out light.

She must feel the rightness of it. The same way the river flows downstream, the same way night follows day and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We were always meant to be.

The Matchmaker’s Playbook (Wingmen Inc. #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Genre: Romantic Comedy, New Adult, Contemporary

  • But when one can’t play…one teaches.
    And I was more than just a football player.
    I was the player.
    Of sports.
    And…of women.
    The best of them all.
    So who better to teach women how not to get played than an actual player

For the first time in my life, I wanted a girl that wasn’t mine to have.
And it sucked.

  • It wasn’t that it had been too long without a girl.
    It was that it’d been a lifetime without the right one.

Life is full of choices. Some good, some bad. I wasn’t sure, in that moment, if I was making a bad choice or the first good choice in a really long time.

The Ones Who Got Away (The Ones Who Got Away #1) by Roni Loren

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Love

  • “You’re leading the devil to her doorstep again.” 

I didn’t want a house. I wanted to be a home.

  • It was everything she wanted and nothing she could have.

Love never ends. But fear could.

The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross

Genre: YA Fiction, Action & Adventure, Medieval

  • I wanted to wield passion, but I also wanted to know how to hold a sword.

“She walks with grace upon the clouds, and the stars know her by name.”

  • We are ready because of sisterhood, because our bonds go deeper than blood.

“Aviana,” I whispered, my fingers moving to catch the rich tumble of the cloak that was mine. He had chosen Aviana for me, the constellation that accompanied his own. They were stars that, like his Verene, bespoke of bravery in darkness, of triumph. Of steadfast.

“Yes,” he said. “And we both know that Verene would have no hope of light without Aviana.”

“That is for Lady Morgane,” Cartier’s mother.
“That is for Ashling Morgane.” Cartier’s sister.
Again, the crack of bone, the crack of twenty-five years.
“And that is for Lady MacQuinn.” Jourdain’s wife, Luc’s mother.
For the women who had fallen, who had paid in blood.

  • We rise for the queens of our past, and for the queens to come.

A red banner for Kavanagh, graced with the black dragon.
A blue banner for Morgane, graced with the silver horse.
A purple banner for MacQuinn, graced with the golden falcon.

  • He eventually sat me at the table in the library and unrolled a bolt of maroon linen, a red so dark it almost looked black. in the center there was a white diamond, and in the diamond was the emblem of a stag leaping through a ring of laurels.

“For you see…you would have to choose a constellation to also replicate on the cloak, and that constellation would need to be registered in my name at the Astronomy Archives in Delaroche, and–“

  • I saw that a Corogan flower was carved into the pendant, a silver drop of Maevan whimsy to rest against one’s heart. I smiled as my thumb traced the delicate etching.

“She walks with grace upon the clouds, and the stars know her by name.”

  • “I wrote you a song inspired from the passion of Valenia but also the courage of Maevana.”

The Rogue Queen (The Hundredth Queen #3) by Emily R. King

Genre: YA Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Historical

  • “No one can rule your heart, not even the gods.”

“As I understand it, souls aren’t bound by wedding vows but by love.”

  • My time in the world of men has taught me that any man worthy of my admiration would never force me to worship him.

“You came into my life like a star, the answer to all my wishes.”

  • “I am born of the stars, and I will see them shine again.”

The stars blink into brightness, and the moon reveals its haunting eye. But their reappearance brings no joy. How dare the stars shine without him! How can they return when he is gone? How can the world be saved when my heart is destroyed?

  • “Let the sky lead you, the land ground you, the fire cleanse you, and the water feed you.”

These women are dedicated daughters of the land-goddess Ki and have the rights to defend themselves, their homes, and their families. They are not standard soldier–they are better. They are sister warriors.

  • Why did you tie me to a throne and a man my heart has not chosen?

The Warrior Queen (The Hudredth Queen #4) by Emily R. King

Genre: YA Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Historical

  • “You are a warrior. You were born to shine. Embrace how powerful you truly are and carve your destiny from the sun.”

Love and duty require sacrifice.

  • “The past reminds us where we were so we may understand where we must go.”

I must remember there is more to my life than the dark.

  • “From hardship comes great blessings and strength.”

“You will always be powerful, no matter your physical form. Strength dwells in the soul.”

  • “These women know how to survive–you can teach them how to live.”

“No matter how bleak the world may seem, or how mighty the night, dawn always comes.”

Training Sasha (Club Zodiac Book 1) by Becca Jameson

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, BDSM

  • “You are a true Master Sadist. They are rare and precious in the community.”

“I don’t know what it takes to break down your walls and get inside, but whoever manages to do it better come with explosives because that stubborn wall is high and thick.” 

  • “Nothing will make me prouder than to watch you making my wish a reality from a distance.”

“I’d need a ladder to reach high enough to list all your rules. But it doesn’t matter if I follow them because no matter how many you pile on…” she sucked in oxygen, forcing herself to continue, “…no matter how matter how many I learn, it’s never going to be good enough for you. I’m not good enough for you.”

  • “You’re right. I’m not perfect. This has nothing to do with you,” he shouted. “Can’t you see that? This is about me. Yes. I have walls. They are there to protect you from what’s inside, not keep you out.”
    What was he talking about?
    She wished she were the kind of person who could stop tears from falling. But she couldn’t. And the fact that they slid down her face made her even angrier with herself for her weakness. She squared her shoulders and looked him in the eye. “Have I ever asked you to protect me from what’s inside? No. I’m a strong woman, Lincoln. I don’t need that kind of protection.”
    “If you just give me a chance. I need a man who’s willing to take a chance and let those walls down. I need a man who isn’t so closed off from me that he can’t see me.”


Young Enough (The Age Between Us #2)

Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance, Younger Man Older Man

  •  “I needed to tell you this so you know I’m coming to you clean. No more secrets. I know I fucked up, and I’m going to work harder for you than ever. I betrayed your trust, but I’ll win it back, if it’s the last thing I do, because there’s one thing you can’t argue. We belong together. You may be over me, but if we both try, you can fall for me again. We can start over.”

He gives light and awakens darkness. He gives darkness, and my light can’t exist without it.

  • I want him too much, I need to breathe him like air and drown in him like water.

Nothing so wrong had ever felt so incredibly right.

  • I’ll make her prison a castle. She’ll be my princess. Forever.

Instinctively, we dance in tune. We’re two of a kind. Soulmates. Born at the wrong time.

  • “It’s not about age. It’s about maturity and compatibility.”

The fucked-up world I live in falls away. My sins don’t matter, and the darkness of my soul has no consequence, because that smile makes everything okay.

  • He’s like a sky without a ceiling of clouds. The blue stretches into forever and deeper into my soul.

Vas (The V Games #3)

Genre: Contemporary, Dark, Mafia Romance, Bloody

  • Nighttime is my time. It’s where I always thought I belonged, amongst the shadows, the people who live in the moonlight, not the sun.

A smile that belongs on an angel. A protectiveness that seems to radiate from him like the sun. So warm. So, so warm.

  • I want to be her not-so-shiny knight in armor fighting her battles and winning her heart.

Such horrific violence on such a pretty face.

  • When it rains, it’s a sign of the heavens opening, allowing the angels to come down to watch over us. My mother always told me that, I hope that’s true tonight and they’re watching over my angel.

She’s beautiful. I’ve never seen a woman so pretty before in all my life. If I could imagine what an angel looked like, maybe she’d fit the bill. But she’s not a good angel. She’s slightly wicked. And oddly enough, that’s part of her charm.

Vlad (The V Game #1)

Genre: Contemporary, Dark, Mafia Romance, Bloody

  • Her future is already written, and I’m holding the pen.

I’ve been watching him from the background since I could walk. Learning, deconstructing, and pining despite my brain wishing I didn’t. But it’s impossible not to. He’s my favorite addiction.

  • My childish crush on Vlad has always been a secret, and it will remain just that.

Looking at him up close is like seeing all Seven Wonders of the World at once.

  • My smile falls, and I slink back into the shadows where I belong.
    I’m no sun.
    But it felt good to shine like one, even if only for a moment.

Nothing will snuff out what has begun to rage between us. An inferno. A fiery explosion of epic proportions.
We are the sun.

  • “When you’re staring at the sun, you can’t see a shadow.”

“Your heart can’t help who you love, even if it’s the wrong person.”

  • The vipers in our world lie in wait, eager to take golden eggs we’ve worked so hard to create.

A made-up kingdom where there are no literal kings or peasants. A world created by my father to be ruled by his sons.

  • A devil like myself doesn’t deserve an angel, but I have one anyway. And I’m never letting her go.

“You’d do more than paint me, you’d paint yourself all over my soul.”

  • He’s utterly breathtaking. A dark prince come to save his princess in distress.

I chuckle. It’s real and uncharacteristic for me. She makes me feel free, unburdened, and young. She makes me feel like a man and a boy all in one. I’ve never felt so relaxed around another person before. I’ve taken my clothes off, but she makes me feel naked. Like I’m baring not just my skin and body, but also my soul.