Cover Lust Wednesday #24

Title: Charity MacCay and the Almighty Dollar

Author: Helena Soister

Publisher:  Lafayette Books

Release Date: August 31st 2017

Pages: 364 pages


Charity MacCay resists. And persists. And she’s scheming to pull herself up by her high-heeled bootstraps while helping the people she loves.

It’s 1867, and Charity MacCay is a bold, rebellious eighteen-year-old.

She lost her doting father too soon. Her mother is more strict than loving. And she’s about to meet Hugh Sommer, a man who might give her not only love but the freedom and unconventional life she craves. Yet she’s also driven to find her destiny and purpose, which means navigating a changing society barely recovered from the Civil War. It means developing her talent for making money. And it means launching a daring gambit to save herself and her loved ones from the devastating reach of New York City’s financial rulers.


The rollicking memoir of a daring woman

It’s 1867. The wealthy rule America, Wall Street is out of control, and a young woman wants a grander future than the tame domestic one her mother has planned for her. Hungry for adventure and romance, Charity MacCay is determined to pull herself up by her high-heeled bootstraps while being reasonably virtuous. She soon discovers, however, that when she’s good she’s very good at getting ahead, but when she’s bad she’s brilliant.

After Charity causes a scandal in her hometown, her mother packs her off to live with family in New York City. There she befriends a poor working girl and together they gamble their way to a small fortune. She also finds herself falling for Hugh Sommer—a wealthy businessman and former Civil War spy she has good reason not to trust. But after succumbing to Wall Street’s siren call, she finds herself on the edge of ruin. She has only one chance to save herself, and that means making Hugh her partner in a scheme to take down the men who done her wrong.



The hunted has become the hunter.

Anira is part of the Dragon Force, whose purpose is to protect the dragons, sacred to her people.

The chieftain of her tribe intends to drain the power of the dragons and keep it for himself. Now he’s allied with shadow people, who ride the dragons—a feat none in the force has managed to achieve.

Stopping the chieftain before he succeeds in destroying them all is more urgent than ever. He’s only getting stronger.

But so is Anira. With the elite members of the force on her side, and with unexpected emerging powers, she has a chance at taking him down.

He forbade magic to prevent people like her.

Well, she’s about to give the chieftain a real reason to fear her.

For a millennium, the Dragonstone atop a vibrant port city’s pyramid has prevented the Orc Gods from returning to the world and re-enslaving mankind. Now, with the authorities and crime families teetering on the brink of war, only Cassius Larusso can recruit a team to keep the Dragonstone out of evil hands.

Unfortunately, his choice of companions is limited to a half-elf spy tracking an assassin, a sorceress searching for a traitor, and a paladin pursuing his forbidden love. Only by coaxing them to put aside their own agendas, can Cassius stave off a war, secure his city, and write his own destiny.


She thought she was stealing gold to save her brother . . . instead she steals a key that will unlock her destiny.

This is the first book of Starside Saga, a fantasy series filled with magic, thieves, and dire prophecy.

In the city of Starside, a 16-year-old thief named Kila Sigh awakens to a magic power she does not understand and cannot control. It shows her metals, even when they are hidden from view.

And it helps her steal.

And steal she must… because she is desperate to buy medicine for her brother. But when her magic draws the attention of a power-hungry mage called “the Hargothe,” she find herself caught in the game of the gods.

For she is the flame in the night, the daughter of ravens, the bringer of death.


Some of the darkest minds in Perilisc attacked Mending Keep, releasing all its prisoners. Despite his strained relationship with the crown, Rayph Ivoryfist calls old friends to his aid in a subversive attempt to protect King Nardoc and thwart terrorist plots to ruin the Festival of Blossoms. But someone else is targeting Rayph, and even his fellow Manhunters might not be enough to save him.


Magic. Betrayal. Vengeance.

We lost the war…

…but not our souls.

After nearly a century at war with the blood elves, the humans have lost and now serve their enemy. As my age to serve approaches, I battle not the elves who stole everything from us…but my own people and an ancient magic that brews inside of me.

Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee on an epic fantasy adventure that fans of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and tales by Patrick Rothfuss will fall in love with.


A weaver’s genius ignites the jealousy of her peers, the possessiveness of her mill’s proprietress and the hopes of an unborn nation.

Furi knows she was born to create, but the fabric of her life otherwise weaves mysteries. These things are more than they appear:

Shin, the gardener, with his unlikely power over life and death;
A mysterious illness with a selective death route;
Kitsuke artist Madame Sato, who would fashion Furi into a reincarnation of her own dead daughter;
The princess of a puppet emperor, who has strange loyalties to a humble gardener; and
The vaporous rumor of a war with no apparent aggressor.

Spinning Silk is Inspired by Japanese folklore including the love story of Orihime and Hikoboshi as well as a radical reimagining of the terrible tsuchigumo (spider spirits) and jorogumo demons.


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