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Author: Katja Bart

Publisher: Lulu

Release Date: August 2018


“Some bad boyfriends just break your heart. Mine put a curse on my voice and left me to fend for myself.

“But I will get my own back. And I won’t let anybody, human or Fae, to get in my way.”

Stephanie has not spoken a word to another human in two years. Determined on getting revenge, she waits, isolated and angry. But just as the Fairy who cursed her returns to London, Steph meets someone who shakes her resolve. Or does he?


“Magic is real and my neighbour has powers. That bothers me a lot less than it should.

“All I want is for my Dad to be okay again. I don’t care what deal I have to strike to make it happen.”

The only thing Travis did was help a crying girl. He did not expect to stumble into a world of curses and Faustian pacts. But he isn’t going away from it, even if that means putting himself in harm’s way.