Book Tour: In The Dark

40545344Title: In The Dark

Author: Sasha Lynn


Release Date: June 14th 2018

Pages: 268


The summer Declan turned eighteen, her world exploded. She was forbidden to go to college by her strict parents and was forced to stay home and help them run the farm. Declan gave up her dreams of higher education and a career of her own, obeying her parents and promising to become a wife and mother, and nothing else. She expected her parents would become more controlling than ever once she turned eighteen. She expected my father to hire more work hands for the acres of land and other work that needed to be done. And she expected to be at her parent’s beck and call. What she didn’t expect was to meet the most beautifully tortured soul in a work hand that summer. And she most certainly did not expect to fall in love with him.



Sasha Lynn is a wine-loving, dog-rescuing writer from Alabama. She has her BA in Creative Writing. You can find her on her off days daydreaming of opening her own animal shelter – and writing about it.