TTS: Episode 2 // Jessica Layton Does Not Want Babies


Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, depending on what time it is there in your area! Welcome back to TTS or Thestarslisten Talk Show! If you haven’t read episode one you can read it here! I’m your host Ania and this is a new segment in my blog for books I’m super crazy about and collaborating with generous authors for giving the time of day to answer my emails.

Don’t worry, we keep things as spoiler free as possible.


Today we are having a sit down with the new bad-ass leading lady who’s got two vampire brothers crazy over her. From Nicola Rose’s debut novel, book 1 in the Elwood Legacy Series, Taste the Dark, let’s give a hand to Jessica Layton!


[Off the script: Jess will be in color Green for emphasis.]

Hi Jess, it’s so good to see you! You look great by the way.

Jess: Thank you! It’s good to be here.

In the previous episode we had the Elwood brothers here and they caused a commotion but I was expecting that already. I guess my crew just wasn’t prepared. Hahaha!

Jess: Yeah I saw that. Trouble follows them everywhere. I gave Zac the cold shoulder for losing his shit in front of a live studio audience.

This scene in the book really surprised me. Have you ever been turned down by a guy before Zac?

Jess: Of course. I mean, I’ve gone after a couple of guys who weren’t interested. Mostly when I was younger, before I found my confidence. But I’ve never been turned down in the same way as Zac did. Jeez, normally you offer a guy sex on a plate and they lap it up. Yeah… not once has someone denied me that when it’s on offer. He’s one of a kind there. There’s playing hard to get, and then there’s him!


How do you always make the best comments? [Retro sex-machine] Is it a learned skill or born with?

Jess: *Laughs* I said that? It’s true though, right? Zac in his leathers and white tee, hair spiked up… *sighs* It’s a sight to behold.

*Ania nods in agreement as they pause over the vision*


Jess: *Clears throat* Anyway… I think it’s a learned thing. I was never comfortable as a teenager. My smile was too big for my face, and I always felt weird, like I didn’t fit in. Then, after the explosion, I was left with the scar on my back. I guess I needed something to hide behind and I found sarcasm and funny remarks helped me to calm down when I could feel the anxiety building.

Are you worried you’ll run out of curses/cuss words?

Jess: I hope not! They’re a staple part of my vocabulary!

I suck at making my own cuss words, how do you do it? I know the words just magically come to you, how do I make them come to me too?

Jess: Well, I often like to find the most satisfying cuss word, like fuck, and pair it with something completely random – like fucksticks. Or wankchops. Twatwaffle. Tossbollocks. Bitchflap. I could go on all night… you get the idea.

Okay, I think I do. I sometimes use fucktitties when I’m super upset.

Jess: There you go! That’s a good one!


Do you think either Zac or Alex went to college? To actually learn of course.

Jess: I don’t think so. Could you see Alex at college? Nah, me either. I mean, he probably would go to get the girls, but that’s all. They were already vampires by the time they were old enough for college — they’d have been too busy with… you know… vampire stuff, to think about books and classes.

Vampire stuff?


Jess: Please don’t make me elaborate on that!

Oh you need to emphasize on that, just keywords.

Jess: *Sighs* You know! Blood, sex and carnage?!

Oh, right. Danny seems like a hot daddy, why do you think he’s still single after all these years? Could he be waiting for you?

Jess: *Blushes and shifts in her seat* He’s not that stupid! No. I don’t get it, either. He’s hot, caring, clever… a goddamn firefighter! It’s not like he doesn’t have girls after him. I guess he’s always too busy trying to keep the chaos on the island under some level of control.

What’s your most desired motorcycle model?

Jess: *Face lights up* My baby, of course! I already have the best. I’m so lucky to have a Ducati Monster. I used to swoon over pictures of them as a kid, and now I have my own. Well, I’ve had a few, if you count the mishaps with the first two. *frowns*

About that—

Jess: No! Not about that. Alex was a jerk. I blame him on both counts. Oh, wait, you know what motorcycle might actually beat my own as the best? It’s Zac’s Dodge Tomahawk! Now that’s a bike.

Oh yes. You didn’t actually get to ride it though, or sit on it long, before things got a little heated?

Jess: *Presses lips together and glares at Ania, wide-eyed* Erm, yeah. That was, wow… you got me flustered, Ania!


Do you really believe that Zac can’t get you pregnant? I mean, that sparkly guy in the movies had a half vampire, half human kid with his wife. I can’t even remember how that was possible, but are kids out of the equation? Or is it possible? Do you want it to be possible?

Jess: No kids. I’m not maternal. I can barely look after myself, could you imagine me with a baby? Shit! It better not be possible!

Since you put it like that, I hope it’s not possible too.


Are you attracted to Alex by default because of his vampire powers or is it your super active libido?

Jess: Both. And thirdly, because, look at him! He’s like a sex appeal supernova. If you get too close to him it explodes around you, sucking you in and swallowing everything else up…

You’re right, it’s so unfair. I should have visited him in his dressing room after we wrapped the last episode. I should make them come back! No, just Alex this time…alone.



Alright, one last thing. Fvck, Marry, Kill: Zac, Alex, Danny.

Jess: Fuck a duck! What the hell?! *Chokes on a snort* You can’t ask me that!


Ugh. Well, at some point I’ve probably wanted to do all three of those things, to all three of those men—

You’ve wanted to marry Alex?

Jess: No! I mean… OK, that’s the exception… Look, I’ll just pick Zac for all three. He’s the whole shabang.

*lengthy pause*

Jess: That’s the best you’re getting from me!

Wait, wait, back up. You want to kill Zac and Danny? I thought you’re crazy for Zac and what’d Danny ever do to you?

Jess: *Fiddles with hair* Well, I guess wanting to kill Danny is a bit harsh. He’s pissed me off a few times, but probably doesn’t deserve that. Zac though? Absolutely! I might love him, but he’s put me through some shit! I’ve totally had murderous thoughts!

You are a woman who should not be crossed.

Ladies and gentlemen that’s all the time we have for now. Catch Jessica Leyton in Taste the Dark, Book 1 in the Elwood Legacy series by Nicola Rose. Thank you so much for being here Jess.

Jess: Thank you for having me, Ania.

Better watch your back with those Elwood brothers, they’re a handful.

Jess: I’m a tough girl, I can handle those men…vamps. Whatever. Dealing with brooding and deadly alpha-assholes is fun, right?!

Haha! Of course you can, we’re women after all. See you next time on TTS, Thestarslisten Talk Show!