Wrap-Up: April 2018


In April I was able to read 11 books (though 4 of them are short stories) it’s been a thrilling ride last month! Did you notice? IT’S RAINING 5 STARS! I’m either an easy person to please or I just know which books suit me the best. (I pick the latter.)

Here’s a quick rundown on the books listed below. Ignite Me was a great end, if I read it on the year it was released I would have freaked out over the ending. Restore Me, years after the original trilogy of the Shatter Me series supposedly ended is a wonderful continuation to the story and the world gets bigger in here. It’s an exciting sequel and impatiently waiting for the next one. Kingston and Pearson, you can read in whichever order you deem fit, I just prefer to read them in the order they were released. Wheeler however should not be read prior to the other 3 books in the series because it contains major spoilers. Catching Stars is action-packed with lots of deaths. Magic isn’t even used as often as you’d think in this book. Collaring Brooke slightly separates itself from the trilogy of revolving around BDSM, however, it takes on a serious topic about abused women. Taste the Dark (You’ll see this often on my blog) has vampires that live by a beach instead of gloomy forests. Aren’t they supposed to burn under sunlight? Rising has awoken my inner fangirl who’s been asleep for a while. It’s a new adult romance filled with lots of sweet scenes that made me scream my feelings out and wish Vincent were mine and he were doing those sweet gestures to me. A Strange Hymn, the sequel to Rhapsodic is a contrast to the first book where this time the story moves forward instead of shifting between past and present events in every chapter. In here Callie learns to appreciate her new ‘features’ and we get to visit another beautiful realm and surprises are always in every corner. The Emperor of Evening Stars – a novella that should be read after A Strange Hymn – takes us on a journey with Desmond Flynn on how he came from nothing to being King of the Night and finding out about his mate. A young Des, yes! Lithium Tides broke my emotional jar. At one point I’m happy, I’m angry in the next, and later I’m crying my eyes out. Drama, heartache, humor, romance, etc. it has it all!

Here’s all I read in April with their links!


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