Completed Series Review: Shatter Me Series (1-3)


Since this was originally a trilogy, I’ll be doing a summary review for the first half of the series. I was putting this off for so long but when Restore Me came and my friends want to talk about it and I didn’t want them to feel restricted when I’m around, I decided to binge-read the series so I could chat along before our next ‘book club meeting’.

Title: Shatter Me Series (Books 1-3)

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Date Series Started: November 15th 2011

Date Series Ended: February 4th 2014

Publisher: HarperCollins

Overall Blurb:

Juliette Ferrars has skin that could kill a person in mere seconds so she’s locked away in a cell not knowing what’s happening to the outside world. Years later she’s brought to the Chief Commander of Sector 45, Warner, offering her freedom in exchange to used as a torturing tool to enemies. Needing real freedom Juliette escapes Sector 45 with the guard assigned to her, Adam Kent to a secret facility housing people with powers like her. Having found refuge and learning control over her powers, she’s now fueled with a different goal, to kill the Supreme Commander of The Reestablishment and free the civilians from his tyranny.

4 stars


This is me giving a review to a book which was released in a different time. I say a different time because the books gave me nostalgia. I felt like I was being dragged back to the years the books were released and in those years (to me) was the climax of YA dystopian novels. Some common examples are The Selection Series, Divergent Series, Delirium Trilogy and Matched Trilogy. (I only ever read The Selection Series by the way.) These days I feel like the raging genre is YA Contemporary. (That’s my opinion and point of view.) I think I would have raved over this series if I read them at the time.


It was a basic plot, the world has gone to sh*t and teens want to take over the government. The famous or infamous (depends if you like that trope) love triangle. Let’s not forget that after Juliette escapes thinking she’s the only one with powers, she arrives as a secret facility where people like her are in hiding and freely practicing their abilities. Then suddenly, everybody gets powers! Easy enough to grasp and understand and not confusing at all. Makes this a great series to binge-read, which I did.


If you draw a fanart (which I’m sure someone already did, I just didn’t bother to look one up) the characters that matter would only be Warner, Juliette, Adam, Kenji, Castle, and Paris (Warner’s father). Yes, that’s it. Okay let’s add James to the team. Everyone else with names are just supporting characters.

Juliette Ferrars

The lost girl who knew nothing of the new, dangerous, and sad world outside her cell and had more questions than any possible solutions. She can be annoying but her behavior and reactions are to be expected considering her upbringing.

Aaron Warner

The bad boy with a heart of white gold. (He’s not that innocent) He’s also physically attractive. My go-to crush back when I was a child were blondes with blue eyes but I’ll take blondes with green eyes too.

I was already team Warner from the beginning because I knew they were the official ship to this series. I wasn’t planning on wasting my feelings on a ship that’ll just break my heart, so why bother? For the first two books I keep screaming at my phone screen (e-books yes) to give me Warner and Warnette scenes! I was also waiting for Adam’s death just because.

Adam Kent

Annoying little sh*t.

James Kent

Cutest and most curious little bugger.

Kenji Kishimoto

Is the best.


Always so poetic and it’s so lovely to read. If Mafi wrote without such creativity and would let the character’s thoughts get straight to the point, the entire trilogy would probably be just about a book and a half. (In Shatter Me thickness.) But because of the poetic art I was able to catch lots of quotes from the entire trilogy.


This is a very entertaining story, a fun read and sweet at times. I’m not saying you’ll die if you don’t read this series but you’ll miss out on some fun chats when the fandoms get together because this series has a huge fan base.

If I were a member of the fandom a long time ago I would have gone nuts over that ending in the third book. It wasn’t a dramatic end! Though we had Warnette on the rooftop but still. There were so many unanswered questions. How did they get their powers? It’s probably hereditary right? Can Juliette lead an entire continent? Let’s hope these questions will be answered and thoroughly explained in the second half of the series.



2 thoughts on “Completed Series Review: Shatter Me Series (1-3)

  1. Great review! I just re-read this series last month and fell in love with it all over again haha. I love how you sum up the entire Shatter Me fandom with “Adam Kent: Annoying little sh*t” and “Kenji Kishimoto: Is the best.” TRUE. I liked Adam at first (I read these as they were coming out so I didn’t know the official ship), but he just got worse as the books progressed. I kinda feel bad for him, but I love Warner so much so it doesn’t matter.

    I do agree that there are a lot of unanswered questions and some aspects that need to be developed more, so I can’t wait to see what Mafi has in store for us with the new installments.

    – Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

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    1. Thank you so much! Hahaha so glad you found those summary as amusing because I intended them to be. (Thank heavens someone understood my humor) I’m so jelly of people who have time to re-read books!

      I love the route that Mafi took for Restore Me, It may be a bit predictable but it’s the good kind of predictable. Really hoping for their happy endings. I hope by the end of the 6th book there’ll be no more unanswered questions. But if there will, she can always add more books. hahaha!


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