ARC Review: Collaring Brooke

Title: Collaring Brooke (Club Zodiac #3)

Author: Becca Jameson

Publisher: Becca Jameson Publishing

Released Date: April 17th 2018

Pages: 308

Synopsis on Goodreads:

Her entire world is falling apart… 

Faced with losing her job and her apartment, Brooke is in crisis mode when she inadvertently stumbles into the world of BDSM. Intrigued, she learns everything she can about submission and finds she craves some aspects of masochism.

He’s not a sadist… 

Carter’s been watching the gorgeous redhead learn the ropes in his club. She won’t meet his gaze. Her secrets will probably terrify him. And her desires run in a direction that makes him uneasy.

She needs the release only a firm sadist can provide… 

Her haunting past has led her to release her stress through spankings, floggings, and whippings. She is leery about his suggestion that she can get the same results from the more sensual elements of the lifestyle.

He has to let her go… 

No matter how badly he would like to collar her, she must face her past head on and find herself before she can truly belong to him.

See why the Romance Studio said, “Time and time again, Ms. Jameson infuses her talent for creating pleasurable and entertaining love stories with wonderful characters, a depth of passion and the joy at discovering your soul mate.”


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*ARC generously provided by the author’s publicist in exchange for an honest review.*

5 stars
Praise to Becca Jameson for taking on this difficult subject. This is without a doubt my favorite book in the series.


If you enjoy books that tackle sensitive subjects then this one’s for you.

This was beautifully delivered and the story was none like I’ve read before. It’s always great to have friends who we trust with secrets to shed some light during difficult situations. Victims of abuse – especially the survivors – are one of the bravest people in the world. It messes with their mind, and sometimes unusual things become their normal but they still continue to live on with their life. They (the survivors) will always need someone they could lean on whether they like it or not and there will always be that someone. Lucky here, Carter is there for Brooke.

There’s even so much more beyond Brooke’s abuse. Finding herself by finding her family. It’s such a bigger story. Even though the story’s core is about Brooke getting back to her feet and less than the sexual activities we’re used to with the series, I didn’t mind. I was wholly satisfied with the book. This is a perfect end to the trilogy and I can’t express how much I loved this read.

Carter Ellis was going to bring her to her knees.