Cover Lust Wednesday #2

I saw this cover and fell in love with it. To my eyes it’s a spiraling tree that grew underwater?! And the mermaid swimming towards the surface. That title too. ONE THOUSAND TEARS. What’s going on? Who’s crying?

Title: One Thousand Tears: A Dystopian Mermaid Tale

Author: Pauline Creeden

Publisher: Evershade Publishing

Release Date: June 13th 2018

Pages: 56

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Among mermaids and humans, cruelty has many faces. 

One secret Adelaide has kept for as long as she can remember—her love for Jonas. She is the daughter of the clan’s elder; he is a bottom feeder. As Mer, they can never be together. But as humans, it might be possible.

When Jonas’s reckoning comes, he must go to land during the cycle of the full moon. But when the next cycle comes around, he doesn’t return. Fearing what might have become of him, Adelaide follows and gains legs for herself. But living life as a human is much more difficult than she imagined. And finding Jonas is just as hard. To follow him to the underwater city, she must endure the Initiate’s Trial. Her strength and resolve will be tested, if she wants to find Jonas and survive.

Adelaide must prove she’s more than just a mermaid princess.





Enchanted city. Old magic. New threat.
Taq, a young fiddler, comes to Prague with dreams of joining the Bohemians—a band of immortal, magic-wielding street performers. With a mission to right past wrongs, things don’t go as planned when he meets the beautiful performer, Katia. Now, he must decide if revealing his secret is worth losing her heart.

Katia has spent one hundred years chained to the city, broken-hearted and silent,
waiting for her chance to be free. But with an impending threat on Bohemia itself and a mysterious newcomer, peace is starting look farther than ever. Now she must decide if she should trust Taq or put her faith in the one who broke her heart—the tyrannical Magistrate of Bohemia.
Curses can be broken, but at what cost?

The extra sparkles of the word ‘Magic’ had me. Plus it reminds me of the animated movie ‘The Book of Life’.


14-year old Darian was raised in an isolated village, resisting the King and his army. When his life takes a tragic turn, he ends up in the castle, closer to his former enemies than he has ever imagined. His only solace is Cayla, a girl who helps him smile again, for whom he slowly falls in love. But the castle has more dangers than he imagined.

Look at the colors, the cute elfish face! I believe this is Darian, but he can look like a girl. Either way I like this cover!