ARC Review: Firefighter Next Door

Title: Firefighter Next Door

Author: Lauren Milson

Released Date:  March 15th 2018


Absolute, pure hot temptation just moved in next door.

They call me a hero.
My job as a firefighter is everything for me. It’s my vocation and what I live for.
But a tempting little thing just moved in next door.
And I’m hard for her curves, her smile, the way she moves so sinfully.
She is decidedly off-limits.
I already know the heat I’ll take if I even look.
I put myself in harm’s way every single day, but nothing’s ever felt as dangerous as her.
My job is everything to me, but I’ll risk anything for her.
Because I don’t do anything half-way.
Dangerous or not, she is mine.

I just moved in next door to a dangerously hot older man.
Big. Strong. Off-limits.
And he isn’t just a fireman. He’s also a model for our town’s annual calendar.
He’s Mr. December.
He does it for charity, not for the attention.
But he certainly has my attention.
I can’t keep my eyes off him.
I know I shouldn’t want him, but I can’t help it.
So I’ll have to be satisfied with just looking
Imagining him walking across my lawn, throwing me over his shoulder, carrying me to his house.
Because I know I wouldn’t be able to handle him.
He’s just too powerful, too experienced.
So…I’ll just have to look…
Because if I touch, I might get burned.

This book is pure hotness. No cheating. HEA.

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3 stars


Quick, sweet, and hot.

It’s a warm morning and I am making this girl sweat.

I really thought it’s going to be super hot with lots of steamy action but I got a different kind of hot. It’s such a tease most of the time but there is heat.

And now sin lives next door.

Once again Lauren Milson has made my quick break from studying all worth it and relaxing with this short steamy read.

The electricity running through me could light up this whole damn town.

I just thought they moved too fast in the end but then there’s culture difference. I guess that kind of timeline is normal to other people.

I would run into a thousand buildings for this woman.