A Rom-Com movie trailer you must see!

The official trailer for Passionflix’s The Matchmaker’s Playbook is here!

The Matchmaker’s Playbook, adapted from the book written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken, starring Nick Bateman, Caitlin Carver and Tyler Johnson and directed by Tosca Musk, premieres on Passionflix March 15th!

If you can’t view the video above, try this link: https://player.vimeo.com/video/258195626

If you think that trailer’s funny, wait ’til you read the book! Read my spoiler free and spoiler-y review here. Or you can get the book here:


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You know you wanna watch…

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This is based entirely on my own opinion from the limited times I’ve seen these two act.


Nick has been on my radar ever since my best friend told me he’s her number 1 crush and showed me his Instagram account. Ever since then I’ve been trying to keep up with his whereabouts and social media accounts.

I’ve seen him act in one of Amanda Cerny’s Youtube Channels (I love her.) It was a short spoof of Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Nick playing as the husband. It had action and full on comedy. He was cast as Miles Archer in the cancelled movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love. I was super stoked for the movie but without official news, it’s been tagged as cancelled on Wikipedia, but I’m still hoping we’ll get to see it soon because I think they’ve completed shooting the movie. He’s also in the Airplane Mode movie where lots of social media famous people are in. (I have yet to watch this.)


I’ve only ever seen her on one episode for the time travel TV show TIMELESS. I found her very pretty there and a bit tan. She’s also in the movie I, TONYA with Margot Robbie. (I will watch this very soon for Margot Robbie and her.) I don’t know how big or small her role is in that movie.

I’ve seen the other original movies by Passionflix but this will be the first movie where I actually read the book and knew of the plot. Their previous works were admirable and I have very high hopes for Passionflix.

Don’t forget to set your calendars, I’ve already set mine even though it’s a few days before my exam!