ARC Review: Insta-Hubby

Title: Insta-Hubby (A Billionaire Fake Relationship Romance)

Author: Lauren Milson

Released Date: February 17, 2018


The girl I wanna whisper filthy things to is wearing a perfect white wedding dress.

The gorgeous little curvy brunette appears to already be spoken for.
No harm in congratulating her on the big day though, right?
Turns out she’s not getting married at all. The girl in the big white gown is a wedding dress model.
White’s perfect for her, because I can tell she’s very inexperienced.
And that hoard of women chasing me down the street?
Yeah, that’s not real either. It’s for a photo shoot.
See, I’m a blogger with a following almost as big as my…you know.
My father doesn’t approve. He doesn’t like blogs, or the fact that I haven’t settled down yet.
That means I have to find a proper, presentable, good little wife, or he’ll give control of our family’s newspaper conglomerate to my jerk brother.
The angel in front of me might be perfect to play the part.
After all, she’s already wearing the right dress.
And by the time I’m done with her she’ll be screaming my name. Begging for more. She will be anything but good.
I’ll make that pristine white dress all dirty.
It will be anything but fake.
And she will be all mine.

Candy sweet. Scorching hot. No cheating. HEA.


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4 stars

*ARC generously provided by the author.*

Funny and very interesting, another great novella my Lauren Milson.


I was surprised by Anna’s job, where she tries on wedding gowns for women who wouldn’t be bothered to try it on themselves. And if you wonder how it works, well her sizes are the exact same as the customer’s. I don’t know if that kind of job exists, it sure doesn’t from where I live but that’d be so cool.

I really love how they first met, Anna was holding a pretzel outside the shop wearing this amazing wedding gown and Liam was running towards her with lots of women chasing after him. Such a music video moment!

It’s short and sweet, the character backgrounds aren’t like other stories. Liam is a blogger and is well-known for his abs. It’s a great read when you want a break from your current read and just want a happy setting, feeling the warm sun New York City has to offer.



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