Blog Tour: The First

Title: The First

Author:  Dylan S. Perry

Publisher: Beck Publishing

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Pages: 161

Synopsis from Goodreads:

  1. Naseby, England. 

Baroness De Meaux lives a comfortable life and is content with where she fits into the hierarchy of society. She was groomed for the story she’s telling but several things set her apart from everyone around her.

When her mother passes away suddenly, the visions she hides from the world—the ones that show her the future—force their way to the surface. And when she’s faced with the impossible, it leaves her questioning just how far apart her two contradicting worlds really are from another.

Can Margaret make peace with her past and what she assumes is her imagination? Or will she give into the myths from her childhood to shape the future?

Through it all, Margaret knows one truth is universal: trust is hard-won and easily broken when you don’t know who’s on your side.

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2 stars

*Copy taken for free from Amazon generously made available by the author.*

If you like witchcraft set in the the 1600s but with time travel, then this is for you! 


Imagine that, a time traveler from the 1600s, I’ve never thought about that before. Time travel has always been associated with technology but these witches use their power to let one of them travel through time and Margaret is the first of many.

I can’t say I truly enjoyed this book, it felt too long for a novella and it only started to become interesting in the second half of the story. There are too many unnecessary information, unless they’ll become key information for the main story then they’re useless and nonessential. There’s also the sudden personality changes in some characters while I can’t tell how genuine the other one is. After one event, the character instantly became a whole new person.

This is a prequel to the main story, I just hope it’s better than this novella because in the end it kind of felt rushed. There are some descriptions I can’t visualize either. I’m still torn whether or not I’d read the main story.



Author. Mom. Introvert. Feminist. Oxford Comma Enthusiast.

Dylan S Perry is an emerging author of young adult fantasy and supernatural novels, novellas, and short stories. She is an Oklahoma native currently living near the sunny beach of Pensacola, FL. Her favorite books to read range from historical fiction to action & adventure.

When she’s not chasing a toddler around her home, she can be seen parked in front of her computer writing the latest bestseller, according to her mother. She lives with her mother, step-father, son, daughter, brother, German Shepherd Mix, Duchess Annie, and her cat (that she swears can talk), Baroness Noel.


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