ARC Review: Skin

Title: Skin (An Older Man Younger Woman Romance)

Author: Lauren Milson

Publisher: self published

Release Date: January 19, 2018

Pages: 105

Synopsis from Goodreads:

I rescued her from a basement on the Lower East Side. Purchased her freedom.

Claimed her as mine.

My Avery.

I saw her through the metal bars and knew she didn’t belong there. She was too perfect. Too beautiful.

I took her from that place she was trapped in. Told her she was mine. That they wouldn’t hurt her again.

But even with her new freedom, she doesn’t run away from me. She gets into my limo like I tell her to. Agrees to be my guest at the club I own.

Club Skin.

And she tells me her secret as I’m about to show her how good I can make her feel.

She has never done this before.

And the people I rescued her from won’t stop until she is theirs again.

But now that she’s free, no one will take that away from her.

No one will take her away from me.

Over-the-top. Possessive alpha. No cheating. HEA.

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2 stars

*Copy generously provided my author in exchange for an honest review.*


I guess I’m just realizing how insta love isn’t my thing. I prefer to get to know a guy better before deciding I have deeper and more serious feelings for him. However, this is great read when you want to take a break from other genres like I did. I am on a Romance Genre break to meet deadlines with other book reviews but this is a quick steamy read to have a switch of environment for a while.

It still has a background story which ties the entire story neatly.



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