ARC Review: Everything in Between

Title: Everything in Between

Author: H.N. Smith

Publisher: self published

Release Date: January 20, 2018

Pages: 228


Eli Anderson loves his family’s ranch. The only problem is his family.

When his alcoholic father finally takes things too far, he thinks his only choice is to run away from his small town. And when he ends up on the Texas border in a town called Del Valle, his luck finally starts to turn.

The day he meets Carina, everything changes. She lets him believe, for a moment, that everything might be okay. But his demons are always waiting around the next corner, ready to remind him of the life he left behind.

As he finds new love and freedom, he also finds that overcoming his past is no easy task.
A contemporary young adult novel by H.N. Smith.
Please note: this book deals with alcohol abuse.
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4 stars

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*


Addiction to alcohol should not be taken lightly and H.N. Smith has allowed us to join a young man’s journey from being in the bottom, to reaching the top of the world to crashing back down in the dirt hard and crawl his way back up again.

In the beginning it was kind of too slow for me and there are a lot of parts where I don’t think are necessary but YA Contemporary isn’t really my genre and I’m not extremely familiar with the norms of writing there. However, I do enjoy the ones that tackle with common issues. Personally I’ve never known anyone who’s addicted to alcohol or I may know someone but I just didn’t notice. Wow, makes me feel useless now. I suck. This book helped me to find out how some people are dealing with this addiction.

I do wish I could have seen a peek to Carina’s background story. Why her parents are divorced and all. I really can’t say much since this is a spoiler free review, all I could say is I have mixed feelings for this book it is a great way to keep me grounded and think of real life problems than those of fiction and fantasy rescue missions and war.

If you like books that address difficult issues for teens then Everything in Between is for you.

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