Book Review: Mismatch

Title: Mismatch (Winning Ace #4)

Author: Tracie Delaney

Publisher: Self published

Release Date: December 21, 2017

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Rupe had the perfect life.
Until he was falsely accused of murder.
His money won’t save him—but she might

Enter Jayne Seymour, a frosty, but brilliant lawyer hired to represent him.

Rupe wants her—and he always gets what he wants. Winning her heart won’t be easy. Especially as she doesn’t date clients. Still, he thrives on challenge.

Jayne swore off men after her husband’s terrible betrayal. She’s far too bright to make the same mistake twice.

But when danger comes knocking, the mismatched pair are thrown together.

Can Jayne learn to trust again, before it’s too late? Or does fate have other plans?

Mismatch is a fast-paced, suspenseful novel that can be read as a standalone. However, those who enjoyed the Winning Ace series will love catching up with old character, and meeting fascinating new ones.


5 stars

A fresh view on The Winning Ace world and I loved every bit of it.
I think I like Rupe’s story a little more than Cash and Tally’s. 

P L O T 
For a love story being told in one single book we were given three enemies and all of them hate Rupe. Obviously. I guess they couldn’t take his cockiness and over- handsomeness, if that’s even a word. This book was funny is so many ways, sexy, romantic, and thrilling. What more could you ask for?

C H A R A C T E R S 
Jayne is a really strong, confident, and independent woman and I aim to be like her one day. She’s now my role model. Well except for the divorce and life threatening situations.

I am surprised with this book because in the main trilogy, we always see Rupe as a happy-go-lucky kind of guy and for a couple of times I even forget he’s straight. My bad Rupe. I even seldom forget that he’s owner of a gaming company who makes softwares, apps, and all that jazz. So in a bit later part of the book is when it struck me, that Rupe is actually a computer nerd but he’s one of the extremely attractive ones. Good genes.

It was so fun to see Cash and Tally again and I could imagine them still looking as hot and sexy as ever. With Jayne’s own words, “the most attractive couple she’d ever met.” I wish we’d seen more of the kids, I wonder what their fates would be like. Let’s not forget about Emmalee! My fave gal! I wish we could turn back time and learn about her relationship with David, I asked Tracie about this but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Em never fails to give the best advice, who wouldn’t listen to her? I mean, look at her life! She’s happy with a great man by her side. Really need to take dating tips from Em.

W R I T I N G 
As I was reading this book, I sometimes forget that this is a romance novel and not a crime/mystery genre. With that said, the amount of suspense and thrill this book has was more than enough to keep me at edge of my seat. My interest never faltered and Jayne was a perfect leading lady.

O V E R A L L 
I love this book and this world, I love how Jayne is very modern and Rupe is super retro and loves the old ways. I love how Jayne is super uptight and Rupe’s laid back even in serious situations. Opposites attract, and they seem like they’re mismatched to strangers, they’re the perfect match for each other.


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