The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey guys! I’ve been tagged by Sha (Moonlight Pages) and I just love tags where you get to answer questions and think hard and all that jazz. I usually get tags on Bookstagram but this is the first for my blog.


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T H R E E   T H I N G S   A B O U T   M E

  • I’m a hopeless romantic. I can’t help it, love stories just swallow me whole and I can never be bitter about it. Except for my personal friends who have on and off relationships with their boyfriends/girlfriends. That kind I don’t really like. Hate is such a strong word so I won’t use it.
  • I’ve never admitted this out loud but I’m a big erotica reader. Adult contemporary romance especially erotica are my #1 fave genres but not for the reason you think I read them. I much prefer these genres because even though it’s purely fiction, it’s all very real. Adults have jobs, problems, and get stuck in certain situations that may happen to one or many in the real world and I find it all very educating especially how they handle things. I get a lot of information about the lives of others beyond the confines of my room and my country.
  • I still dream of becoming a princess, or a duchess, or a very important person with great responsibilities one day. I like to be a game changer, or that character who walks in, head held high and talks like she knows every secret of person in the room and she has them all in the palm of her hands. YEAH BOI!

S H A ‘ S   A W E S O M E   Q U E S T I O N S

1. What is your favorite quote from a book?

As recent as this is, this has become my new favorite quote which I’m still trying to do myself. 

“Even for an immortal, there was not enough time in life to waste it on hatred.” ~ Feyre Archeon | A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

2. What was the first book you ever read?

I can’t really remember, I think it’s a Winnie the Pooh book. Kinda like this one, with the gold and floral spine.

3. Do you listen to music while reading?

I really don’t because I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the words. Concentration is a bit difficult for me, it’s what my tutor used to tell me.

4. Do you have blogger best friends?

Yes! throneofreaders is a real life blogger best friend and beyond her I don’t really know anyone else.

5. What spreads do you like on your white bread? (I tried to think of weird question but turns out I am weird)

Ham Sandwich Spread with real ham from Ladies’ Choice!

M Y   B E S T   P O S T

I think my ARC Review for The Fire Queen by Emily R. King is my best post because I was filled with passion and love for the book when I wrote this review and everything was fresh in my mind. I even made a Spoiler Free and a Review and Discussion video on my BookTube channel.

M Y   N O M I N E E S



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You guys don’t have to if you don’t want to, but you’ll miss out on all the fun! Let me know when you post is up.

M Y   5   Q U E S T I O N S

  1. Which plot do you hate more, a love triangle or insta love?
  2. Shag, Marry, Kill: Christian Grey, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson?
  3. A band/group/artist you don’t want to like but their music is just on point and you can’t resist? (I have, and it’s #PRETTYMUCH)
  4. In the Tinkerbell movie series she’s presented as innocent, adventurous, kind, and all things nice but we all know she can be a jealous and selfish brat as shown in the Peter Pan animated movies. Do you agree to disagree? (I’m sorry, it’s just I’m staring at a Tinkerbell sticker in my room)
  5. If you could pick 3 YA characters to be your beloved sister but would soon be forced to kill them to keep your crown, who would they be? (I don’t really know why I would ask you to kill them)

Thanks again so much to Sha (Moonlight Pages) for tagging me in this fun activity. This is the first time I’ve ever been blog tagged.


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      1. aha I’m aiming for the post to be up tomorrow at some point! Do you prefer to be called Ana or Ania btw I just checked your bio haha, and which would you rather me put down?

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  1. Congratulation! Becoming a princess does sound like an amazing dream when it comes true XD I can’t listen to music while reading, either, It’s just some other level of multitasking and totally not possible by me. Although, sometimes soundtracks are cool while reading climatic scenes but not always. Loved this post 😀

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