Book Review: Grand Slam

Title: Grand Slam: A Winning Ace Novel (Winning Ace #3)

Author: Tracie Delaney

Publisher: Createspace Independent

Release Date: October 7, 2017

Pages: 311

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A destroyed career.

A bitter break-up.

After Tally’s perfect life implodes, she moves to Greece. There she finds a country overcome with refugees fleeing the crisis in the Middle East.

She vows to help and, in the process, begins to heal herself.

Shattered by his loss, Cash commits to months of therapy, determined to win back the love of his life. His struggles, though, are far from over.

When a shocking turn of events thrusts Tally back into Cash’s life a moment of joy brings a stranger into their lives.

Who is she? What does she want?

And will Tally and Cash ever find lasting happiness?

5 stars

The perfect ending to a modern love story that has been challenged in more ways than one. 


This was one of the books where I wasn’t afraid for it to end. I’ll miss the characters, the romance of Tally and Cash, and the emotion, the aura, the feel of it all. I just wanted to get it over with because I was desperate to know how they will get back together – I know this will be a HEA ’cause I’m a hopeless romantic. I was simply eager to know how much MORE their lives are going to change.

Once again, Tracie Delaney never misses a heartbeat. Tally has to cope with another break up with Cash but this time was different, even I was looking forward to that break up by the end of Losing Game it was clearly bound to happen. Where do you go when you’ve broken up with the guy who’s taken you a lot of places around the world and can easily find you if he wanted to? You go to a place where you’ve never visited together before and change your number of course.

A lot has changed in this third book, it doesn’t solely focus on Tally and Cash’s relationship because we all know it’s a done deal. This book is more about family and acceptance of past mistakes, acceptance of your new self, acceptance of a different future from what you imagined for yourself.

A couple of new characters have been introduced in this series and they are just lovely. They may be minor characters but they changed the game in the story so much. Look out for them because they can inspire you in little ways of their own.

Em is yet again the bestest (this needs to be a word) friend a girl could have. She defends Tally’s decision to disappear for a while and stands her ground. However, when that huge thing came up and Tally made a decision, I was surprised to see Em oppose her decision. She’s only looking out for her girl and knows what is right and that’s why she deserves the award for “Best Friend of the Year”.

Rupe needed more screen time in this book but no worries we’ll have him all to ourselves in his own story in Mismatch coming this December 2017.

There’s not much I can say to Tracie’s writing, it’s amazing. It touches my heart every time. (SPOILER ALERT) I didn’t cry during Tally and Cash’s vows for each other but I cried during Rupe’s toast about Tally being the sister he never had. (SPOILER END)

This book has really taught me a lot about the sports world, specifically tennis. Also feeling for those famous athletes who are forced to stop doing what they love because on an injury. Why me? Why not me? But I look up to them for being so strong and choosing to look at the bright side of life. We need to always be grateful of what we have and not focus on what we want.

This book has been filled with love, pain, troubles, and acceptance. It’s perfect and I don’t know what else to say to convince you to read their journey. Tally got the man of his dreams, a man she never thought she’d meet in person but it turns out the world had great plans for her dreams. So dream big everyone!

Also, in the acknowledgement section in this book is where I found my pretty name. I will continue to support Tracie’s works and especially this series. The Winning Ace series has really been one of the great reads I have this year.