Free E-Book: Unspoken

unspokenTitle: Unspoken: Poems, etc.

Author: Zymerrific

Made available since: September 1, 2017

About the book: A compilation of poems and other works. Inspired by break-ups, hope, and love.

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“We live for a reason, may the reason be love.”

One of my favorite lines from this book.

I am good friends with the author and I have been very excited for this compilation. He finally finished writing all of the pieces and he gave me along with many friends the chance to read his work.

Since I am a blogger, I made sure I would write a post about it. I asked his permission to give free copies to anyone who wants to read it and as you can see the links are up there.

5 stars

I know I shouldn’t rate it, but I want everyone to know I truly enjoyed this work. It has touched the different corners of my heart. I literally screamed as I was reading, because I am shipping two nameless people.

I’ve never read any other poem compilation, I don’t know how it should look like or what the rules are but poetry is poetry, what we write is a product of our beautiful mind.


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