Book Review: Losing Game

Title: Losing Game: A Winning Ace Novel (Winning Ace #2)

Author: Tracie Delaney

Publisher: Createspace Independent

Release Date: July 31, 2017

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Can love overcome betrayal, or are some things broken beyond repair?

Too hurt to look into who might have sent photos of Cash Gallagher kissing another woman, Tally McKenzie flees to a secret hideout in Brighton and tries to forget her lover.

Stubborn to the last, Cash tracks Tally down and wins her back by confessing his darkest secret. Now he can only hope his demons don’t become headline news and threaten his role as the reigning bad boy of centre court.

Can Cash and Tally’s deepening relationship survive all the challenges, or is the hot tennis ace about to discover that the prospect of losing his precious career is the least of his woes?

Losing Game is the second novel in the Winning Ace series. To have the best reading experience, the books are best read in order.

5 stars
It was amazing

*Copy received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*


Exciting and wonderfully heartbreaking. Tracie Delaney has swept me off my feet once again with Cash Gallagher setting up the bar so high I might not be able to get married in the future.

Know that I am trying hard to recall the earlier events of this book because everything is being overshadowed by the events of the end of this book.

Cash Gallagher is now a changed man, with A LOT of changes to his life he’s coping rather well. Tally is also adjusting to her new life as well. They’re both kind of messy but they balance each other out. The thing I love about their relationship is they never give on on each other. For 7-8 months since they’d first met they know each other more than some couples who have dated for longer. Their arguments don’t last long. Natalia has a habit of kneeling in front of Cash when things start to go downhill and Cash immediately apologizes when he steps out of line.

The other thing I love about this book is how I’m able to go to different places without having to leave my room and without costing me a dime. Plus I get to have a taste of new things without actually having first hand experienced but it is said through Tally’s perspective.

If you haven’t read this book yet or you’ve read Winning Ace but unsure to read Losing Game, I tell you, you have to. You have to pick it up and go in the amazing journey Cash and Tally (in the hands of Tracie) have in store. So many secrets will be revealed, new characters come to play, old characters return, so much love and so much heartbreak. This book has lived up to my wishes where it plays with my feelings.


“I love you so much, more than I ever thought myself capable of loving anyone. I’m barely half a person without you in my life. I want you to stop with the self-loathing, because when you attack yourself, you attack me and the depth of my feelings for you.”

There were parts where plot lines were predictable, or at least to me they were predictable but I don’t hate them. I wanted to see how they’re play out and it was great.

-I always knew Cash would get in an accident. I just get this gut feeling since he’s the world’s best tennis player, something bad has to happen to him to keep things interesting.
-I knew at some point he was going to propose. It did catch me off guard though, I wasn’t overthinking things with their date so I never saw it coming.
-When Cash and Tally decided to take a night stroll in Paris I knew something was going to happen. For a moment I thought a thief would be their problem but that’s too light, but SOMETHING was going to happen. Gut feeling.
-When that big incident happened I actually thought he was gonna lose his memory and I took it back as soon as Tally’s dream came up. I realized it would be too painful for Tally and me as a reader. But with that happening, and this, I sensed Tally was gonna leave at some point.

“And then she knew. She held his fragile heart as tightly as he held hers. They were bound together by love. Both would be easily destroyed should that love be torn away.”

Oh my heart is just in pieces right now. Is it October 11 yet?
5 stars all the way! It was perfectly painful!