Book Review: What’s a Soulmate?

Originally Posted on January 1, 2017 in my old blog.

Title: What’s a Soulmate?

Author: Lindsey Ouimet

Publisher: Evernight Teen

Release Date: October 28, 2016

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Libby Carmichael has just met her Soulmate. It’s just too bad he’s behind bars.

When you only see the world in black and white until you meet yours, it’s pretty simple to figure out when you’ve found your Soulmate. What Libby can’t figure out is why fate/destiny/the powers-that-be have decided that Andrew McCormack is her one, true match. Libby is smart, organized, and always has a plan for what’s coming next. So when she sees Andrew for the first time and her world is instantly filled with color, she’s thrown for a loop.Namely because he’s in a dingy grey jumpsuit.And handcuffs.And being booked into a juvenile detention facility.

Surely a boy who’s been convicted of a headline-making, violent crime isn’t the person she’s meant to be with. There’s no way she belongs with someone like that… Right?
*Copy was received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*
4 stars
I really liked it


Just as I finished reading the first chapter I immediately got hooked. I love it already. This world that Lindsey created where a person is born colorblind, literally black and white until you find your Soulmate. Your Soulmate that brings color to your life. The book is about knowing when your Soulmate is in the same room as you makes the world easier to live by but just as complicated if your Soulmate is someone you can’t be with.

“A girl could find the one person who literally fills her world with
color, and he or she could already have a match. One who obviously, and unfortunately, isn’t her.”
“Well, let’s just say it’s made very clear that something beautiful in
black and white? It can be even more breathtaking in color.”

“Maybe I’m trying to convince myself nothing’s perfect. Not even Soulmates.”

The way the author described how Libby saw colors for the first time, I know it was hard to explain but she was able to write it very well that it wasn’t difficult to understand at all. You understand what she’s trying to say or to describe without actually using any color reference which is a huge challenge and I praise her for it.

The entire book was kind of dry, it needed more elements, though I can’t say what but I feel it does. Like something is missing, or I just want more. Like more explanation on how the people especially the students behave when they can’t see color. How is the world with colorblind people different from us? The part where Libby mentioned there was a separate section for colored fabric and she’s never been to, that kind of information is what I’m looking for in the book. Do companies for teen clothes make their ads in black and white rather than in color? Are the teen dramas, films, shows shown in black and white?

Taking a step back and seeing the big picture the author gave all the side stories needed but I wish some information were dropped like bombs and just catch the reader off guard. The part where the woman in the SUV was actually the wife, and she gave the tapes to Andrew’s mom didn’t make me feel surprised because there wasn’t much suspense to the SUV thing. I didn’t feel any suspicions with it nor was there any thrill.

Overall I really love the idea of a world about Soulmates, people born not seeing in full color.