Book Review: Bride Undone

Title: Bride Undone

Author: Kate Deveaux

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: May 27, 2017

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Torn between the man she is to wed and the man who has stolen her heart —
Days before her wedding an unexpected connection with a stranger has this bride to be reeling into the arms of the man who can give her everything she desires and more. Toe curling erotic romance so hot your toes will curl, this bride breaks all the rules.

2 stars
It was okay

ARC received via NetGalley, thank you Xpresso Book Tours.

If you like yachts, tropical islands, and lots and LOTS of hot lovemaking then this is definitely for you.

I was looking forward to reading this book since I believe in soulmates and being with the person you’re meant to be. I didn’t really expect that the person Chloe falls for would be HIM. (I’m not saying who to avoid spoilers.) I was very much surprised to find out he has captured her heart.

I gave it two stars because all the book talked about was their time in a “runaway-vacation” sort of thing. They barely talked about their problems, there was barely any conclusion everything was in loose ends. There was no closure with Chloe’s ‘ex-fiance’ though I understand it’d be too early for that but it would’ve been good to put him back in the picture for a while and learn how he’s doing. All the other characters are in the dark regarding to Chloe’s activities and it didn’t seem like they (Chloe and runaway partner) were planning to tell them. I wanted more to happen. More with the people who surround our runaway partners but in the end they acted like nothing else matters. I kept two stars for the steamy scenes of course, there were a lot of them. Considering Chloe’s small problem in bed, she’d want to go all out with the man who’s finally for her.

Unless there’d be a sequel, I wouldn’t be satisfied with the entirety of the story.