Book Quotes H – N

I Hate Everyone But You by Gaby Dunn & Allison Raskin

Genre: YA Contemporary, Humor

  • How have you hooked up with so many people in so little amount of time? This is not judgement. This is pure admiration and genuine curiosity. How. Do. You. Do. It?? Is it a pheromone? Have you just been lying this whole time and you’re a virgin? TELL ME.

Love is an ocean. COMES IN WAVES.

36693320Lithium Tides (Lithium Springs #2) by Carmel Rhodes

Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance

  •  Because pain is fleeting, and because love is everlasting, and because this heart of mine, fractured though it may be, is still beating.

Time was a matter of perspective. It could either move at the speed of light or it could drag on for eternity. It all depended on the person, their place in life, their distance from a situation, and their ability to look past themselves and see things as they really were.

  • She loved him with everything she had and it wasn’t enough.

“I could never put you in a cage. I don’t want to change you.”

  • “If you’re looking for perfection, you’ll never be satisfied.”

Emotions were immortal spirits hiding in mortal beings. You could free yourself by releasing them out into the world, or you could let them eat you alive — but you couldn’t change what you wouldn’t confront.

  • “He drives me insane, yet, I’m so foolishly and hopelessly in love.”

Fuckface: You’re pissed. You need time, but you never stopped being mine and I never stopped being yours.

  • “I understand that, sweetie, I do,” her father said, pulling her back from her dark trip down memory lane, “but you can’t keep giving these boys the power to destroy you.”

“I love hard, Dad. It’s just who I am, it’s who you are. It’s in my blood.”

  • “Why can’t you love yourself as hard as you loved them?” her dad challenged.
    Her lip quivered as she fought back the tears. “I don’t know how,” she confessed.
    “Oh, baby, come here.” Her mother got up and wrapped her baby girl in her arms. “You owe yourself the same love that you give so freely.”

She still wouldn’t look at him. It hurt too much. He was too beautiful, and she was too broken.

  • Those two blue storms set in the middle of his face held more determination, more love, that she was ready to accept.

Tears welled in her eyes. It was in that moment that she knew they would make it. Their love wasn’t a fairy tale. It was dirty and damaged and there were times she wanted to give up, but he possessed the other half of her soul. With him, she could fly.

 Living the Good Death by Scott Baron

Genre: YA Fiction, Contemporary

  • “Remember, a person does not always need to have done something wrong to need to be taught a lesson. Many lessons, though often difficult to endure, can be a gift. Even a reward of sorts. But most importantly, sometimes the lesson itself is the entire point. People learn and evolve over time, it’s the way of things, but, occasionally, they might need a little nudge in the right direction.”

“Forever is today. but forever.”

  • “You know, for a long time I thought every human life was just a clock waiting to run out. no matter what they did, it made no difference. At the end of their time, no one was special, no one was unique, and no matter who they were or what they’d accomplished, they would all die, just like any other.”


No One But You by Alexandra Silva

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Second Chance Romance

  •  The moment our son refused to take his first breath our marriage took its last.

Although, I knew I loved her. But love was complicated and we were complicated enough as it was.

  • He’d loved me when I wasn’t his to love and when he had no right to love me. Yet he’d never demanded anything in return.

“He was a good man, Quincy, but we both know that even good men make mistakes. Even good men sometimes act like arseholes. They make shit decisions that impact the people that love them the most without even thinking twice.”

  • Some people say that money is the root of all evil. Others say power. Many say religion. But in my experience, it’s guilt. Guilt is cunning and dangerous. It takes over even when you don’t give it permission. Like an oil spill in the ocean it spreads its dark and deadly poison over the surface until it chokes all the life beneath it. It is corrupt, destructive and hateful. Vicious and wicked.