Book Quotes A – G

 A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell #1) by Deanna Raybourn

Genre: Adult, Historical Romance, Mystery

  • “We are all of us just people, and most badly flawed ones at that.”

“My dear Veronica, I am surprised you have not already learned — everyone has a capacity for cruelty. Not everyone gets the chance to exercise it.” 

  • Men, I had often observed, were never happier than when they believed they were imparting wisdom.

A Perilous Undertaking (Veronica Speedwell #2) by Deanna Raybourn

Genre: Adult, Historical Romance, Mystery

  • “I am better than a husband, I am your friend.”

“The body is a willful creature of passions that must be satisfied. But the heart–the heart must only be given to one. That is the sacred bit.” 

  • “The soul is a thing apart. When you decide to share that with someone, then you will know what it is to live.”

It is not the first time, Stoker. I have taken a life before. And I would take a thousand more if it meant I could save you.” 

  • Caroline might have her claim upon him, but I had one of my own, I decided. And mine was the stronger because I demanded nothing of him save friendship. His soul was his own.

“Fair or plain, a woman must be complimented upon something she believes she possesses but no one else has ever noticed. That tells her that you alone see her for who she truly is. And then she is yours.”

A Treacherous Curse (Veronica Speedwell #3) by Deanna Raybourn

Genre: Adult, Historical Romance, Mystery

  • I knew better to ask him for what he could not give.

“Life is not about achievement. It is about the effort. If one takes pleasure in every step, one enjoys the whole journey.” 

  • Her lips curved, but I would not have called it a smile. No smile was ever so sad.

“I was always affected by those couples who seemed destined for one another, Eurydice and Orpheus. Hero and Leander. Pyramus and Thisbe. I thought at some point in my life, I would have a great love like that, a woman fashioned by the gods just for me, as I had been made just for her, that we would find each other. I always believed she was waiting for me. But I did not wait for her. I married a base metal when the gods had promised me gold.” He gave a great sigh that seemed to empty him from the soul.

  • He had moved a thousand miles from me and yet we stood half a foot apart. I could feel the warmth thrown off by his big body in the cold air, but he was far away and forbidding as a mountain.

“They will hunt you, you know. They will hunt you like a pack of feral dogs. And they will break you.”
Something cold touched his smile. “Let them try.”

  • “He is changeable as the sea but solid as the earth.”

I found it winsome that such a hardened man of the world could have gained so much experience as scientist, explorer, natural historian, naval surgeon, and taxidermist and still manage to maidenly blush when confronted with a fertility icon.

Apart (Captive of a Commoner #2) by C.J. Pastore

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

  • I know now that time is real and not because it can be measured in hours or days or even decades. Time breathes because of change. Change signals the passing of stretches of periods.

Breaching the Contract (Conflict of Interest #1) by Chantal Fernando

Genre: Adult, New Adult, Romance

  • Boom!
    That sound?
    That’s the sound of my ovaries exploding.

I’m reading a children’s book, in front of his son, who is the one who wanted me here, not Tristan, and I’m thinking about what’s underneath his sweatpants.
It’s official.
I’m going to hell.

  • You can’t miss something you don’t remember, but then again, loving memories are worth their weight in gold.

Ignorance truly is a bliss. And so is denial. 

  • Tristan Channing is the definition of agentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

I never know what he’s thinking. And for some reason, I really want to.

  • I’m all over the place with this man, back and forth, hot and cold. I don’t know whether I want to kiss him or kick him right in the nuts.

Breaking Hollywood by Samantha Towle

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

  • He’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Shame he’s a jerk.

Gotta bait if I want to get a bite.
It’s like a game of verbal chess.
Waiting to see what barb she’ll say next, it’s entertaining as fuck.

  • And he smells good. So good.
    The annoying thing about this is that I can smell the cigarette smoke on him along with the mints he ate in between smokes and the clean scent of his aftershave. Somehow, mixed together, it just works. I want to hate it, but I can’t.
    It’s making my girlie parts tingle with excitement.
    He smells exactly like I’d want to after a night of amazing sex.

“I do think that you’re vain, crude, argumentative, and seriously annoying though!”

Breaking the Gladiator (An Alpha Attraction Novella) by Nicola Rose

Genre: Historical Romance, Dark Romance, Adult, Erotica

  • A champion gladiator doesn’t feel love. How could he? His only passion is to win the next fight. Then the one after. And again.

Because I was Death.
But together, we are Hope.

  • I watch him in complete awe. This man will never be content with a life in hiding. He’s not made to cower, he’s made to fight.

It’s easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience. -Julius Caesar


Burn the Dark (Elwood Legacy Book 2) by Nicola Rose

Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance

  • She could be so much more.
    She will be everything.
    She is everything.
    She’s going to be mine.

Together, we’ll own anyone and anything that crosses us.

  • He was my salvation. He was everything. He was mine.

She was a Goddess to be worshiped. My dark Goddess. I’d walk through hell for her.

  • He didn’t deserve a girl like her. He didn’t know what to do with her, how to handle her. I wanted her. But then I didn’t. Mostly, I did.

Her aura glittered like a million starbursts against a smudge of black. She was light, and dark – a staggering sight of pure energy.

  • “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because if shows me the stars.” — Og Mandino

She was free. She was immortal. And she was mine.

Colliding Skies by Debbie Zaken

Genre: YA Romance, Contemporary, Sci-fi

  • “What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness.”

“I have traveled eons through space and time to find you. I am not about to leave you now.”

  • “Don’t worry about the food. If he doesn’t like it, there’s plenty of grass for him to graze on in the yard.”

Skye: Don’t you need oxygen once in a while?Ethan: Nah…It’s a highly overrated element.

  • “It’s not wise to chase a starlight, Skye.”

Commander in Briefs (Commander in Briefs #1) by Kristy Marie

Genre: Sports, New Adult Romance, Contemporary, Military Men

  • She loves him. He loves her. It’s obvious to everyone around them.

I steal a minute to admire her in private before I scoop her up, cradling her small body to my chest. And with the weight of a thousand pounds of guilt, I carry the girl I love more than my next breath up the stairs and lay her down next to the man who quite possibly, loves her more than I do.

  • Our bond is the love we share for a woman who took a chance on us all. Who gave up her job to reintroduce us into society. A woman who became our family.

“You see, Cade, the difference between you and me is that I don’t take orders from,” I make air quotes with my fingers, “Commander.”

  • This friends with benefit thing we’ve got going on sucks. But I’m the one who fucked it up.

Don’t speak. You are done speaking for the day. Your mouth now belongs to me, Commander.

  • I’m going to fuck every hole you have, Commander. And when I’m done there won’t be anything left of you to share.

I loved him when I lied and said we were “just friends.” I loved him when I said, “We should see other people.” And I cried when he said, “Okay.”

  • She looks up at him with the heat of a thousand suns.

Consent (The Loan Shark Duet #2) by Charmaine Pauls

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Erotica

  • “What lies in front of me is a broken creature, an angel with torn wings and pieces of her soul and body missing. Despite the injuries, she still fights to fly.”

A language that surpasses words and time. A language of love and forever. Out unique language.

  • “We can’t always have everything we want, but we can be happy with what we have.”

Constant Craving by Tamara Lush

Genre: Adult Romance, Contemporary

  • “I realized that I never stopped loving you. I could never hurt you because I love you too much. I will always love you too much.”


Crazy For You (Miraculous Love, #2)

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

  • There is a difference between wounds healing and wounds being hidden from the eyes of the ones we care for and the ones who hurt us. To stop their tears, we suck our pain and force that smile on our faces. We don’t actually move on. We are, in fact, pushed forward by life that always keeps moving without any breaks or pauses. As long as we live, we live by its terms. That doesn’t mean we are happy and starting a new journey. We are not leaving our pasts behind, all set and ready to face new challenges in life. Maybe some can, but not me.

“I’m done fighting against myself for staying away from you. I’m done pretending and trying to make things work with other girls. I love you and only you and I’m ready to wait for you for as long as it takes.”

  • “Because that’s what people in love are supposed to do. No, it’s what they do, and they can’t even help it. They can’t just turn their back on the one they love and let them be. They stick with them through hardships and remain as their ray of hope. I’m not oblige to do this, Sara, nor do I think of it as my responsibility. I’m doing this because I want to.”

“You deserve everything good. You’re worth it and don’t let some other guy taint you self-worth. He didn’t choose you and that makes him the biggest lose. Don’t let his choice fool you into believing that you’re not the type for keeps. No guy in his right mind can ever let go of a gem like you, Sara. I’ll wait for as long as you wish and prove to you that you’re indeed worth it. A woman any guy would be proud to have as his life partner.”

  • “Knowing everything, you gave into the love for the baby growing inside of you, and it’s not even born yet. You already love it so much. You’re ready to be stronger for it. Just imagine how much you’ll love it when it’s actually born.”

The way he’s seeing me right now steals my breath. It’s not just love that is shining in his eyes. There is relief and a vague sense of victory. He seems honored that he got this chance. A chance to prove that he can indeed be my knight in shining armor, capable of gifting me my happiness.

  • “She might be very happy with him, but she also deserves another chance at her true love just like you do. And Brian and Baylee are your kids after-all. If Sara and Bryce were meant to be, they could have been his kids, but they are not.”

“Our love might be fucked up, but it’s a miracle of sorts. And everything that happened, led us to this moment, where we’re still very much in love and in bliss.”

  • “My love for you is like staring into a well. The harder you look, the deeper it gets. It’s bottomless and ever encompassing. Sometimes growing, surging and spilling with love and yet at times, it’s shallow, spiteful, requiring a strong one-sided pull to draw water, making me question its worth. At time I feel like giving up, letting go, claiming it to be superficial and too good to be true, but I can’t and I don’t know how to. I recollect a fond memory, the rumble of your laughter, the wisdom and compassion on your face and the love just springs back to life. I’m running back to the same well, leaning as far as I can, seeing the water churning and rising, hunting for a sign of your signature smirk. And what makes the well truly magical is, I don’t have to toss pennies in it for my wishes to come true. The well by itself is a standing miracle, making me happiest with just its presence, housing the potion of eternal love. Despite the aging time and worsening weather, the well continues to stand firm, its water never dying.”

“Ours might not be the most noble, ‘setting an example’ kind of love story, but it’s ours and I love every moment of it.”

  • “She doesn’t need me to fight her battle, instead she’s the one who battles y my side, crushing my every single opponent before their gaze even lands on me. She is my pride and I’m god damn lucky that she chose to love me.”

“Love is stubborn and also ruthless at times and it always has its way. Our professional ethics makes the fight harder and the pressure more intense. As important as these boundaries are, our hearts can be blind when they wish to be, completely overlooking the lines that we’re not supposed to cross and we become totally helpless. Mere puppets. Some people fight against it. Giving up on love altogether. Some people just go half way. Cowering under the harsh judgment of society, they back down. And some like Ray and Mary choose to fight against all odds and to not let go. This is not encouraged, they may be setting a bad example for official practices and code of ethics, but at the end of the day, they are choosing their happiness. So who are we to question them on their choices? We’re all selfish and out happiness will always matter the most to us.”

Dirty After Dark (A Billionaire Boss Romance) by Anne Connor

Genre: New Adult Romance

  • “But there’s no way for me to tell you how to find love. It’ll sneak up on you when you least expect it. It’ll take you by surprise and knock you on your ass.”

The most difficult question I’ve ever received is how to find love. There’s no answer for that. There’s no pill you can take or formula to follow to make your heart open up in just the exact way to become home for someone else’s. 

Drifter (Commander in Briefs #3) by Kristy Marie

Genre:New Adult Romance, Contemporary, Military Men

  • I am not a doormat.
    I am a woman.
    A strong, capable woman.

A smart woman is a dangerous woman, and I’ll never be ignorant again.

  • “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free. Kavita Ramdas”

“There’s a fire in her. If loved correctly, she will warm your entire home. If abused, she will burn it down.”

  • “A strong woman builds her own world. She is the one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.”

“Your weakness is your greatest strength. Never lose it. No matter what.”

  • If I can’t melt her heart, I’m afraid she’s going to melt mine, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

“Still, like air, I rise.” ~ Maya Angelou

  • “No matter what life throws your way, you still rise above it and do the right thing. Even if it’s hard.”

Dubious (The Lone Shark Duet #1) by Charmaine Pauls

Genre: Adult, Dark Romance, Mafia

  • “Her fear excites me. Her courage intrigues me.”

“Property is more untouchable than a wife.”

  • “I’m not a made monster. I was born one.”

“His eyes run over my body as if he’s looking for sins in my soul.” 

  • Together we’re invincible. As long as he’s with me, no one else can touch me.

Enticed by You (Miraculous Love #1) by Meghana Sarathy

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

  • That’s all i can do. Pretend everything is fine until I start believing it too.

“Sometimes the gravity of reality makes us see past the naked truth but the true, scared feeling slips into every vacant thought. Every vein of our blood stream, every orifice of our subconscious mind, every beat of our turbulent heart, every tear shed by the hopeful eyes. Love is never hidden but it’s also the ultimate truth we choose to be blind to.” 

  • Life. All it takes is one chance encounter with a special person and one leap of faith to make life all the more beautiful, happening and worth living.

“Love is just fucked up that way. It doesn’t care for anything. Age, relations, money, status. These are just the pillars on which our society stands and our adherence to them lays the foundation of such a societal existence. They are meaningless for love.” 

  • “Too much of anything is bad, and that’s true even for love. So as a marriage counselor, I would vouch that being madly in love is not always necessary to sustain a marriage as long as one finds peace and balance with their partner.”

I whisper against her lips and start to kiss her like a man deprived of any form of real and true affection in a very long time. This is the moment I truly allow myself to love.

  • “When you truly love someone, they become your everything. Just their smile lights up your day. Their mere presence makes you forget everything else. In that moment, time halts for you. They take your breath away, steal your voice, and yet, you feel more alive than you have ever felt before. They are embers of fire on a cold dark night, a surge of hope in a bitter living.”

Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades #3) by E.L. James

Genre: Adult Romance, Erotica, Contemporary, BDSM

  • “Do you think I would let you be a bad father?”

He makes me feel loved, because in spite of his fifty shades, he has a wealth of love to give.


Four Day Fling by Emma Hart

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Romantic Comedy

  • He tasted of whiskey and coke, and he smelled like my next big mistake.

God he was beautiful. I’ll-chisel-you-into-marble kinda beautiful. 

  • “Oh my God, if you want me to focus, get ugly or something!”

Karma was a bitch, but man, she was a beautiful one. 

  • Slow. Steady. Soft. It was a real kiss, one that made your feelings sit up and take notice, even if your mind wanted them to sit back down and shut up.

Some kisses were fairytale ones. Heart-thumping, foot-popping, soul-sighing kisses. 

  • Something inside me–my heart, my soul, whatever–sighed.

I didn’t know honesty had a sound, but here I was, hearing it.

  • I didn’t want to see his face if I couldn’t kiss it and I didn’t want to hear his voice unless it was in my ear.


Gorgeous (Commander in Briefs #2) by Kristy Marie

Genre: New Adult Romance, Contemporary, Military Men

  • Sometimes though, even heroes need saving.

I left him, on the floor, beautiful, broken mess.

  • She is a warrior. A hero like she obsesses over. But I’ll never tell her that because I’m a coward.

“Open your eyes, sweetheart, and take hold of what you want.”

  • “When it rains, the heaven would open and he would be watching her.”

The best heroes are the ones who hide in the shadows. Their resilience is always the deadliest.

  • Suddenly, the void I was feeding dried up. Hope bloomed, and so did I.

“The thing is, relationships aren’t guaranteed. It’s up to each one of us to fight to keep what we have alive.”